CFM combines the strengths of gaming, Esports, and mobile. Delivering exciting and
quality experiences to both consumer, and carriers.


With an unparalleled understanding of telecoms and a genuine passion for gaming and Esports, our team stands as a trusted authority in the industry. We leverage this expertise to provide innovative solutions that drive success for our partners.

Tailored Solutions

Recognising the unique goals and challenges faced by each telecom operator, we take a personalised approach to tailor forward-thinking strategies and solutions. Our dedication to meeting individual partner needs ensures the highest level of satisfaction and tangible results.

Strategic Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships, we harness DCB knowledge and the extensive reach of our carrier partners. This synergy makes us the preferred partner for the biggest telcos, amplifying our collective impact in the gaming and Esports landscape.

Unrivalled Performance

Our impressive track record speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment to excellence. We consistently deliver exceptional results for all our partners, striving for growth and success that surpass industry standards.

Customer Focused

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. Embracing a customer-centric approach, we continuously refine our services and support systems to meet evolving needs. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Could you enhance your DCB offering?

CFM is the leader in Esports and Gaming for mobile operators.
We help solve the challenges of mobile payments,
allowing you to reach new audiences and unlock growth.

Our team is dedicated to transparency,
openness, and shared decision-making.

These are the foundations of our successful partnerships, and exceptional results.

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We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while
offering our employees the best training.